TMI! INTENSE! TOO EMOTIONAL! OVER SHARING AND BP D TEXTSFROMTHEBORDERLINETUMBLRCOM WHAT IS IT? TEXTSFROMTHEBORDERLINETUMBLRCOM THE PROCESS People with BPD are emotionally intense emotionally sensitive and emotionally intelligent We need to feel like our thoughts feelings and experiences are received and hopefully reciprocated! Oversharing is the process of us revealing these things in extreme detail about every possible topic in a effort to demonstrate the intricacies and depths of our inner processes e want you to understand + appreciate us WHY IT HAPPENS If we're oversharing anything with you it means you make us feel comfortable safe loved+accepted We are free to be ourselves and we want you to know that! It's our attempt at building intimacy trust and care POSITIVE OUTCOMES Helps develop clear+strong communicat ion skills Honestly conveys what's on our minod Can nurture amazingly close fulfilling relationships DIFFICULTIES The other person may feel overwhelmed Oversharing is not a substitute for healthy intimacy Can unintentionally disregard boundaries THINGS TO WORK ON Communicating with the appropriate time place and person it's good to share just make sure it's okay! It doesn't have to be an outburst take your time Be patient give the other person time to respond SHARING +CARING HEALTHY INTIMACY Intimacy involves feelings of emotional closeness and connectedness with another person along with the desire to share each other's innermost thoughts and feelings There are different types of intimacy emotional intellectual physical sexual experiential and spiritual Oversharing can encompass all five but most commonly it involves emotional + intellectual ed A healthy level of intimacy is achieved when both the communicator and the receiver feel safe +comfortable to voice their inner processes when they are respected + encouraged to do so and when there is active listening empathy cognitive at the very least and enuine interest involved HEART TO HEART Having a discussion that is meaningful can leave you both feeling closer than ever before You can build appreciation of each other's emotional life interests goals fears sorrows and victories Beautiful moments happen when they are free spontaneous and motivated by care instead of pressure The exchange of energy+ perspectives can help Borderlines lessen anxiousness fear of abandonment feeling like they are a burden + help them learn how to communicate better OVERSHARING IS REALLY ABOUT LEARNING HOW TO COMMUNICATE EFFECTIVELY NOT ABOUT BOTTLING YOURSELF UP AND THEN EXPLODING TEXTSFROMTHEBORDERLINETUMBLRCOM Meme

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