TO LIBERALS PROTESTING THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE THIS STHE PRESIDENTIAL VOTEBY COUNTT NOTE THE Margin of victory 20 10 nil 5 10 20 MARGIN OF Republican VICTORY Democrat WITHOUT THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE PRESIDENTIAL NYC CA AND A HANDFUL OF HIGHLY DENSE CITIES IGNORING THE INTERESTS OF LESS POPULOUS STATES! A note on double standards and a message to the left The electoral college is essentially a progressive policy It allocates EC votes based largely on population but then weighs less populace states slightly heavier than they'd weigh organically while mildly reducing the influence of the more populous states That protects the interests of the minority as to avoid elections which focus almost exclusively on the approval of NY CA and a handful of highly-dense cities with no reason to concern oneself with the interests of the less populous states It's similar in ideology to a progressive income tax whereby the less fortunate are slightly propped up at the expense of the exceedingly fortunate It's similar in concept to affirmative action whereby the historically disenfranchised are assisted as to overcome a trend of marginalization It's also similar to the structure of Congress where the interests of the people house of representatives weighted on population are blended with the interests of sovereign states weighted equally with two senate seats each again to protect the minority from being ignored while also advancing the interests of the majority So to the despondent liberals protesting the supposed unfairness of the Electoral College I say be consistent Had such a system benefited YOUR candidate you'd passionately champion it as a means to recognize the interests of the minority THE ONLY REASON YOU'RE AGAINST IT IS BECAUSE IT HAPPENED TO HARM YOUR PREFERRED CANDIDATE THAT's a double standard Meme

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