TobyontheTele - Twitch XT-Series overtaking PewDiePie XTwitter xYouTube DATE TSERIES-The PewDiePie + く → C httpschibixiitchiodate-tseries Apps Typing practice M T-Series overtaking AP Associated Press N R whitelist System View all by chibixi Follow chibixi Add To Collection DATE TSERIES- The PewDiePie Dating Simulator GAME Adobe Flash is required to run this project in the browser Enable Flas Support This Game Hello friends I am sure you are all aware of the impending drama on Youtube for the #1 spot as the ultimate Youtuber Here is my entry into the fight for PewDiePie We must DATE TSERIES TO BEAT TSERIES This is my ultimate contribution I hope that this may help in the cause All jokes aside this was a fun weekend project for VALENTINES DAY and is intended as a parody so please take it lightly! INSTRUCTIONS You've been called to take the last stand agaginst TSeries a mysterious force that will take over Youtube in 30 days You must team up with famous Youtuber PewDiePie to defeat the advances of TSeries! Back To Map' takes you to the channel where you can see all the possible locations where TSeries will appear FEATURES 2 Different Endings! for now Many secrets to find Comment with your best scores and I'Il keep track of best scores with a record board here! Also comment with any bugsglitches that I may not have caught! 脈偏徊 » ENG 2202 18022019 Type here to search Meme

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