Trolling, Today, and Sarcasm: Today 17:0o
 Hey! Do you have any updog?
 What's that?
 can you be more specific?
 I need you elaborate on the term "updog"
 I haven't heard of this before
 can't tell if sarcasm or trolling.
 updog is something you ask about from
 someone. go ahead. any questions or concerns
 about updog?
 I'm just not sure what it's supposed to be
 Should I be concerned about updog?
 you should be concerned of what it is. ..
 ask me in that context
 Alright... I'm concerned as to the contents
 of updog
 In the context of what it is
 I have been
 damnit i'm caving
 what's updog?
 nutin much
 23 mins
A valiant effort

A valiant effort