Today 512 PM HeylI'm kind of bored of the generic pick up lines so I was wondering if you could request a specific type of line you want whether it be a flirty line a poem fun fact or all of the above Today 636 PM Ooh I feel like l'm ordering off a menu! Can I get a flirty line hold the gross with a side of fun fact? Flirty line hold the gross and side of fun fact You want a large fun fact or small? Today 657 PM l just had dinner l'll take a small Comin rite up!! Percussive maintenance is the term for banging something until t works which seems like a good start to a relationship Today 800 PM WowT have no clever response l think l've been mind-fucked I thought the way to enlightenment was body then mind but I guess we can go n reverse Sometimes things just work out Meme

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