Today 931 PM Hey sexy lady Hey how's your Friday? Long day How about yours babe?? Same and going back for more at 3a No guy enjoying you tonight? Nah Why not??? You're a hottie There should be a guy giving you some Because I have to work at 3a Plenty of time to fuck and pass out and hey plenty of sleep No? I mean if you're a Ten Second Tom I guess it'd be fine But at that point I'd just take care of things myself pass out and have plenty of sleep No way 10 min minimum Make you cum all over my shaft 10 minutes in l'm barely getting warmed up Lol minimum 30-45 minutes is the norm Plus I have a big dick so you'll cum quick Size has nothing to do with how fast cum Help though Nah Bullshit You want a thick cock Lol What sexy tight young single girl doesn't want a Bf with a big cock? Surprisingly there's plenty of us that know our bodies and what feels better to us What feels better to you?? Getting a full nights sleep without Joe Dick thinking hes pleasuring me by jackhammering away for 10 seconds and then asking me if I came Lol Type a message GIF I ain’t got time for Ten Second Tom NSFW Meme

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