Today at 425 AM New -said if we're going to be playing that game it was you who said i didn't and i've tried the new update like everybody else it's pretty easy to not pay and still win On your first message you said you were going to disprove my points so it was you who started And if it's easy please go and win 'll pay you some money if you win without paying Active member said l believe my IQ dropped about 50 points just reading the title of this thread I skimmed through most of replies and your very lengthy OP Servers are p2w so we can play I dont know what you were hoping to accomplish with this thread You're a SAGA you PAID to WIN just as much as anyone else Random gens aren't really even that great a maxed out gen with autosell doesnt even compete with one full stack of villager spawners And I for one only buy items or ranks for my own fun on the server I also buy random stuff from the shop to SUPPORT the server and the hard work Gullible System Config and their development teamstaff team do In short I support all of counter-points to your idiotic thread and replies You clearly didn't read what Ive said it's not about the server selling stuff it is about the level of the pay too win it has come to please read carefully before you start talking I bought Saga yes but this post is not just for me they just keep making it harder to play for a lot of players You're not supposed to put the gen on autosell it's about the blocks you can place if you had read my original post you would've seen whatI calculated said At least1Q is still higher then the creator of a pointless thread You're just salty about not being able to get staff again Additional to that would bet for 10k which vou probably don't even have that ay higher than vours it's higher than bt Meme

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