Today I had enough After buying that couch on the last day of October I didn't just walk in I STORMED into that bullshit furniture store and I didn't makea scene I made a Fucking Hollywood production I really try to be a calm and polite individual but lying to me and trying to ignore me isn't going to help your case I WANT MY SHIT TODAY!!! The lady on the phone where it was coming from said itd be January to l yelled FUCK THAT & FUCK THIS FURNITURE STORE I said y'all should be ashamed of the way you do business and anyone who does business like that should get out of the business IMMEDIATELY I may have also threatened to refuse to leave the building until I got confirmation and sleep on one of the showroom floor beds overnight Think of the McGregorMayweather Toronto Press Conference on STEROIDS meets a rabid animal Nevertheless my couch will be delivered tomorrow between 8-11 If My Balls got any Bigger I would've had to turn sideways to exit the building Don't be surprised if somebody has my baby by the end of the week I'm DONE Meme

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