Today while sitting in my college english class I texted my boyfriend and told him that i was bored Not even 5 minutes later he came bursting in the door yelling Troll in the dungeon! just thought you oughta know and then collapsed on the floor just like in harry potter Not only was the teacher laughing so hard he let us go early but i think i found the one MARRY HIM he is the chosen one I'm in school rn and I can't think of a caption so bear with until I get home I'm out of school!!! I've spend all day mulling it over and I've decided this shall be the caption punching people you disagree with is cool! Try it out the next time you get in an argument with somebody! Punch them! Just punch them in the face! Punch them in the fucking face! Fucking face! Punch them! Punch them! Fuck! Meme

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