Todd Sundell 14 hours ago edited @That One Guy Maybe it is complex Is EDM easy to do? Probably not Entertaining? Not in my book Don't care for most of what I've heard Nor do I like rap In order to play an instrument well it takes a lot of time Hours and hours of practice-for years Quite often most of EDM and rap could be made on a laptop-but here's the thing-EDM has no soul It's a machine It has no emotions It doesn't feel What's next drop the human voice for a computer-synthesized one? Don't put it past the possibility Greta Van Fleet sounds much better than a For me lot of EDM and rap that I've heard-they're the ones whoI listen to Also EDM seems to be everywhere People will get sick of it in the fullness of time Watch what happens but It may take years though As I post this I'm taking a risk My fear is is that you might be a little abusive and you will hide behind your anonymity and still abuse It may not be a good idea for me to read your post but here's food for thought This GVF fan told me making music using digital technology has no soul or whatever Meme

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