TOFFICIAL LICENCED PRO ICIAL HCEORS 99ODUCT D PRODUCT FICTAL LICE CENCED PR CHOFFICI D PRODU PRODUC ICENC LICENCED TOFFIC FFICIAL PlayStation LICE CED PRODtion ODU CED PRODUCTOFFICIAL AL LICENCED PRODUCT O CIAL TOKIO KAEDE S 78 9710 ASUKA B1 AREA1 2004 Capcom Dungeon Brawler TM crimson tears' Completely straight forward Nice cel shading graphics which can be pretty monotonous for somebody not used to dungeon crawlers O Unlockable costumes mainly based on Street Fighter instead of original designs Strong japanese vibe + Fast and fun controls Fanservice characters Lame game title and generic cover artwork Fighting in high heels MEMORY CARD HOW ARE THE JAGGED EDGES 0N A HDTV? FINE OK ICON ayStation 2 random thoughts Looking at the fanart and toys for this game it makes me wonder why Capcom didn't do more with the Crimson Tears brand The characters aren't even in one of the Capcom vs crossover Beat 'em Up games as far as I know Shame because Kadie vs Sakura would really satisfy my tomboy cravings Crtmson ars CmimisonY Tears re NPCOM CAPCOM NTSC UC NTSC J PAL This is not supposed to be an objective review I have a very askew taste and my opinion does probably not reflects the general view on the game This post is solely meant as entertainment for the fellow rps2 users aiming to spotlight some Playstation 2 releases that might not be known to everybody and maybe even start a little discussion about the game or share personal stories and opinions on it Made this for rps2 Maybe some of you might also enjoy it Meme

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