Tony Posnanski * @tonyposnanski 2h v Popular opinion Coconut water is fucking disgusting Vita Coco @VitaCoco 2h Replying to @tonyposnanski Unpopular Opinion there is such a thing as too many eggs С 397 Tony Posnanski + @tonyposnanski - 2h v even wrote about how disgusting you are ooglecomampsmhuffpo O38 8 Tony Posnanski @tonyposnanski 2h v And @VitaCoco don't come at me with your shit is pressed or comes from the finest baby coconuts Your shit is nasty like all coconut water 12 2 61 Vita Coco @VitaCoco 2h Let us send you some don't knock it till you try it cece 3 4 Tony Posnanski @tonyposnanski 2h v Fuck that Save that nasty shit for someone else I would rather drink your social media persons piss than coconut water Vita Coco * @VitaCoco cece Replying to @tonyposnanski Address? 238 PM 51519 Twitter for iPhone 28 Retweets 189 Likes Tony Posnanski @tonyposnan 21m Replying to @VitaCoco What the fuck is wrong with you? 2 26 Vita Piss Meme

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