tonystark-tm not to be a history fucker on main but the whole mystery of the lost colony of roanoke is so fucking funny tonystark-tm governor of the colony hey l'm gonna go back to england to get more supplies 115 colonists okay governor ends up spending 3 years in england bc of a naval war with spain or some shit governor gets back to the colony to find evervone gone governer sees the word croatoan the name of a native american tribe carved into a post croatoan tribe has members and children with blonde hairblue eyes pale skin everyone what could have happened to the colonists of roanoke tonystark-tm racism is a hell of a drug langernameohnebedeutung governor I can't believe my colony died roanoke folks actually these really nice peo- ple took us in? we left you a note about that? so please stop telling everyone we're dead? governor Sometimes I Can Still Hear Their Voices funnyCe Meme

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