Toofy @Toothlessninja Jan 7 >man with breathing problems sits down and plays games on his phone Guys idk what to do he's so dangerous Stabby Communist Murder 19h Replying to @Asher Wolf Keep safe Asher Wolf Uuuhhhhhh Guy with a GERMANY shirt and breathing heavily just sat down next to me outside the train station Chris Gomez #ElectionNow 19h ใ€ Replying to @Asher Wolf Fee @Bipolarbear au-19h Replying to@Asher Wolt Stay safe Fat Activist @FatActivist- 19h Replying to @Asher Wol I realise I'm seeing this late but I hope things were ok Lana Arcus @lana arcus-19h Replying to @Asher Wolf Be careful 07 AM-5 n 2019 51K Satsuki The Savage @kingdanielsjr Follow Replying to Toothlessninja @KingNellyBoi He's Just sitting there MENACINGLY! 101 PM-7 Jan 2019 28 Retweets 661 Likes It should be illegal to mind your business around other people ๐Ÿ˜ฉ Meme

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