top off a CONTA INER OF HONEY and puts some honey into his hair He squirts some in his mouth and gargles Then he takes the lid off the bottle and rolls some on like deodorant CUT TO INT BENSON HOUSE KITCHEN -CONTINUOUS Barry's mother JANET BENSON yells up at Bary JANET BENSON Barry breakfast is ready! CUT TO Bee Movie JS REVISIONS 81307 2 BARRY Sorry I'm excite d Barry's father MARTIN BENSON ENTERS He's reading a NEWSPAPER with the HEADLINE Queen gives birth to thousandtuple ts Resting Com forta bly MARTIN BENSON Here's the gra duate We're very proud of you Son And a perfect report card all B's JANET BENSON mushing Barry's hair Very proud BARRY Ma! I've got a thing going here Barry re-adjusts his hair starts to leave JANET BENSON You've got some lint on your fuzz She picks it off BARRY Ow that's me! MARTIN BENSON Wave to us We'll be in row 118000 Barry zips off BARRY Bye! JANET BENSON Barry I told you stop flying in the house! CUT TO SEQ 750 DRIVING TOo GRADUATION EXT BEE SUBURB - MORNING A GARAGE DOOR OPENS Barry drives out in his CAR Bee Movie JS REVISIONS 81307 3 ANGLE ON Barry's friend ADAM FLAYMAN standing by the curb He's reading a NEWSPAPER with the HEAD LINE Frisbee Hits Hive Internet Down Bee-stander I heard a sound and next thing I going to his fune ra l? BARRY No I'm not going to his funeral Everybody knows you sting some one you die you don't waste it on a squirre I He was such a hot head ADAM Yeah I uess he could've just gotten out of the way The DRIVE through a loop de loop BARRY AND ADAM WhoaWhooowheee!! ADAM I love this incorporating the amusement park right into our regular day BARRY I guess that's why they say we don't need vacations CUT TO SEQ 95 - GRADUATION EXT GRADUATION CEREMONY - CONTINUOUS Barry and Adam come to a stop They exit the car and fly over the crowd to their seats * BARRY * re graduation ceremony * Boy quite a bit of pompunder * the circumstance s * They land in the ir seats BARRY CONT'D Well Adam to day we are men Bee Movie - JS REVISIONS 81307 5 ADAM We are BARRY Bee-meh ADAM Amen! BARRY Hallelujah Barry hits Adam's fore he ad Adam goes into the rapture An announce ment comes over the PA ANNOUNCER VO Students faculty distinguished beesplease welcome Dean Buzzwe Il ANGLE ON DEAN BUZZWELL steps up to the podium The podium has a sign that reads Welcome Graduating Class of with train-station style flipping numbers after it BUZZWELL Welcome New Hive City graduating class of The numbers on the podium change to 915 BUZZWE LL CONT'D915 he clears his throat And that concludes our graduation ceremonies And begins your career at Honex Industries BARRY Are we going to pick our job today? ADAM I heard it's just orientation The rows of chairs change in transformer-like mechanical motion to Universal Studios type tour trams Buzzwell walks off stage BARRY re trams Whoa heads up! Here we go Bee Movie - JS REVISIONS 81307 6 SEQ 125 - FACTORY FEMALE VOICE VO Keep your hands and antennas inside the tram at all times in Spanish Dejen las manos y antennas adentro del tram a todos tiempos BARRY I wonder what it's going to be like? ADAM A little scary Barry shakes Adam BARRY AND ADAM AAHHHH! The tram passes under SIGNS READING Honex A Division of Honesco A Part of the Hexagon Group TRUDY Welcome to Honex a division of Honesco and a part of the Hexagon group BARRY This is it! The Honex doors OPEN revealing is? BARRY Yes we're all cousins ADAM Right You're right TRUDY At Honex we also constantly strive to improve every aspect of bee existence The se bees are stress testing a new helmet technology ANGLE ON A STUNT BEE in a HELMET getting hit with a NEWSPAPER then a SHOE then a FLYSWATTE R He ge ts up and gives a thumb's up The graduate bees APPLAUD ADAM re stunt bee What do you think he makes? BARRY Not enough TRUDY And here we have our latest advancement the Kre Iman Bee Movie - JS REVISIONS 81307 8 BARRY Wow what does that do? TRUDY Catches that little strand of honey that hangs after you pour it Saves us millions ANGLE ON The Krelman machine Bees with hand-shaped hats on rotating around a wheel to catch drips of honey Adam's hand shoots up ADAM Can any one work on the Kreiman? TRUDY Of course Most bee jobs are small ones But bees know that every small job if it's done well means a lot There are over 3000 diffe rent bee occupations But choose carefully because you'll stay in the job that you pick for the rest of your life The be es CHEER ANGLE ON Barry's smile dropping slightly BARRY The same job for the rest of your life? I didn't know that ADAM What's the difference? TRUDY And you'll be happy to know that bees as a species haven't had one day off in 27 million years BARRY So you'll just work us to death? TRUDY laughing We'll sure try Everyone LAUGHS except Barry Bee Movie - JS REVISIONS 81307 9 The tram drops downa log-flume READING Bee Goes Berserk Stings Seven Then Self ANGLE ON A BEE filling his car's gas tank from a honey pump He fills his car some then takes a swig for himself NEWSPAPER BEE to the bee guzzling gas Hey! Barry and Adam be gin to cross the street Bee Movie - JS REVISIONS 81307 10 BARRY Yeah but Adam did you ever think that maybe things work a little too well around here? They stop in the middle of the stre et The traffic moves perfectly around them ADAM Like what? Give me one example BARRY thinksI don't know But you know what I'm talking about They walk off SEQ 400 - MEET THE JOCKS SFX The SOUND of Pollen Jocks PAN DOWN from the Honex statue J-GATE ANNOUNCER Please clear the gate Royal Nectar Force on approach Royal Nectar Force on approach BARRY Wait a second Check it out Hey hey those are Pollen jocks ADAM Wow FOUR PATROL BEES FLY in through the hive's giant Gothic entrance The Patrol Bees are wearing fighter pilot helmets with black visors ADAM CONT'D I've never seen them this close BARRY They know what it's like to go outside the hive ADAM Yeah but some of them don't come back Bee Movie - JSs REVISIONS 81307 11 The ne ctar from the pollen jocks is removed from the ir backpacks and loaded into trucks on the ir way to Honex A SMALL CROWD forms around the Patrol Bees Each one has a PIT CREW that takes the ir nectar Lou Loduca hurries a pit crew along LOU LODUCA You guys did great! You're mons ters You're sky freaks!I love it! I love it! SCHOOL GIRLS are jumping up and down and squealing nearby BARRY I wonder whe re those guys haue just been? ADAM I don't know BARRY Their day's not planne d Outside the hive flying wvho- knows - whe re doing who-lknows - what ADAM You can't just decide one day to be a Pollen Jock You have to be bred for that BARRY Right Pollen Jocks cross in close proximity to Barry and Adam Some pollen falls off onto Barry and Adam BARRY CONT'D Look at that That's m ore pollen than you and I will ever see in a life time ADAM playing with the pollen It's just a status sym bol I think bees make too biga deal out of it BARRY Perha ps unless you're wearing it and the ladies see you wearing it ANGLE ON Two girl bees Bee Movie - JS REVISIONS on the balcony alone looking out over the city Martin Benson ENTERS snea ks up behind Barry and gooses him in his ribs MARTIN BENSON Honex! BARRY Oh Dad You surprised me MARTIN BENSON laughing Have you decided what you're interested in Son? BARRY Well there's a lot of choices MARTIN BENSON But you only get one Martin LAUGHS BARRY Dad do you ever get bored doing the same job every day? MARTIN BENSON Son let me tell you som e thing about stirring making the stirring motion You grab that stick and you just move it around and you stir it around You get yourse lf into a rhythm it's a beautiful thing BARRY You know dad the more I think about it maybe the honey field just isn't right for me MARTIN BENSON And you were thinking Another BEE APPLICANT SANDY SHRIMPKIN is EXITING SANDY SHRIMPKIN Is it still available? BUZZWELL Hang on he looks at changing numbers on the board Two left Andone of them's yours Congratulations Son step to the side please Bee Movie - JS REVISIONS 81307 17 SANDY SHRIMPKIN Yeah! ADAM to Sandy leaving What did you get? SANDY SHRIMPKIN Picking the crud out That is stellar! ADAM Wow BUZZWELL to Adam and Barry Couple of newbies? ADAM Yes Sir Our first day We are ready BUZZWELL Well step up and make your choice ANGLE ON A CHART listing the different sectors of Honex Heating Cooling Viscosity Krelman Pollen Counting Stunt Bee Pouring Stirrer Humming Regurgitating Front Desk Hair Removal CONT'D Oh I'm sorry The KRrelman just closed out ADAM Oh! He takes the hat off Adam BUZZWELL Wax Monkey's always open The Krelman goes from Closed to Open BUZZWELL CONT'D And the KreIman just opened up again ADAM What happe ne d? BUZWELL Well whe never a bee dies that's an opening pointing at the board See that? He's dead dead another dead one deady deadified two more de a d Dead from the neck up dead from the ne ck down But that's life ANGLE ON Barry's disturbed expre ssion ADAM feeling pressure to decide Oh this is so hard Heating cooling stunt bee pourer stirrer humming inspector no 7 lint coordinator stripe supervisor antenna-ball polisher mite wrangler-- Bary Barry what do you think I should- - Barry? Vo You're cra - - Barry HANGS UR ANGLE ON Lou Loduca LOU LODUCA If anyone's feeling brave there's a Korean Deli on 83rd that gets their roses today BARRY timidly Hey guys BUZZ Well look at that SPLITZ Isn't that the kid we saw yesterday? LOU LODUCA to Barry Hold it son flight deck's restricted JACKSON It's olkay Lou we're going to take him bears and bats Bee Movie FLIPS their goggles down Pit crew bees CRANK their wings and remove the starting blocks We hear loud HUMMING Bee Movie- JS REVISIONS 81307 22 LOU LODUCA CONT' D LOU LODUCA CONT'D Pound those petunia's you striped stem-suckers! All of you drain those flowe rs! A FLIGHT DECK GUY in de ep crouch hand-signals them out the archway as the backwash from the bee wings FLUTTERS his jump suit Barry follows everyone SEQ 800 Splitz and Jacks on CHUCKLE LOU LODUCA Really? Feeling lucky are ya? A YOUNGER SMA LLE R BEE THAN BARRY CHET runs up with a release waiver for Bary to sign CHET Sign here Here Just initial that Thank you LOU LODUCA Okay you got a rain advisory today and as you all know bees cannot fly in rain So be careful As always reading off clipboard watch your brooms hockey sticks dogs birds FLYING WITH THE JOCKS The bees climb above tree tops in formation Barry is euphoric BARRY Whoa! I'm out! I can't believe I'm out! So blue Ha ha ha! a beat I feel so fastand free re kites in the sky Box kite! Wow! They fly by several bicyclists and approach a patch of flowers BARRY CONT'D Flowers! Coming in at you like a missile! Ken HITS the ball back Bary feels the g-forces ANGLE ON The Pollen Jocks watching Barry pass by the m in SLOW MOTION Bee Movie - JS REVISIO NS 81307 26 BARRY in slow motion Help me! JACKSON You know I don't think these are flowers SPLITZ Should we tell him? JACKSON I think he knows BARRY OS What is this?! Vanessa HITS a higlh arcing lob Ken waits poised for the return We see Bary having trouble mane uve ring the ball from fatigue KEN overly confident Match point! ANGLE ON Ken running up He has a killer look in his eyes He's going to hit the ultimate overhe ad smash KEN CONT'D You can just start packing up Honey because I believe you're about to eat it! ANGLE ON Pollen Jocks JACKSON JS REVISIONS 81307 27 BARRY Yowser!!! SEQ 1000- grasshopper Eww gross CUT TO INT CAR - CONTINUOUS The car is packed with a typical suburban family MOTHER FATHER eight-year old BOY LITTLE GIRL in a car seat and a GRANDMOTHER A big slobbery DOG is behind a grate Bary pops into the passenger compartment hitting the Mother's magazine MOTHER There's a bee in the car! They all notice the bee and start SCREAMING BARRY Aaahhhh! Barry tum bles around the car We see the faces from his POV MOTHER Do something! Bee Movie starts to RAIN He nimbly avoids the rain at first BARRY CONT'D Whoa Whoa! Can't fly in rain! Can't fly in rain! Can't fly in- A couple of drops hit him his wings go limp and he starts falling BARRY CONT'D Mayday! May day! Bee going down! Barry sees a window le dge and aims for it and just makes it Shivering and exhausted he crawls into an open window as it CLOSES SEQ 1100 - VANESSA SAVES BARRY INT VANESSA'S APARTMENT -CONTINUOUS Inside the window Barry SHAKES off the rain like a dog Vanessa Ken Andy and Anna ENTER the apartment VANESSA Ken can you close the window please? KEN Huh? Oh to Andy Hey check out my new resume I made it into a fold-out brochure You see? it folds out Ken holds up his brochure with photos know what? I pre dicted global warming I could feel it getting hotter At first I thought it was just me Bary's POV Giant human mouth opening KEN CONT'D Wait! Stop! Beeeeeee! ANNA Kill it! Kill it! They all JUMP up from their chairs Andy looks around for something to use Ken comes in for the kill with a big TIMBERLAND BOOT on each hand KEN Stand back These are winter boots Vanessa ENTERS and stops Ken from squashing Barry VANESSA grabs Ken's arm Wait Don't kill him CLOSE UP on Barry's puzzled face KEN You know I'm allergic to them This thing could kill me Bee Movie - JS REVISIONS 81307 32 VANESSA Why does his life have any less value than yours? She takes a GLASS TUMBLER and places it over Barry KEN Why does his life have Movie- JS REVISIONS 81307 33 EXT WINDOWSILL CONTINUOUS Bary stares over the window frame He can't believe what's just happened It is still RAINING DISSOLVE TO SEQ 1200 BARRY SPEAKS EXT WINDOWSILL - LATER Barry is still staring through the window Inside everyone's saying their good-byes KEN Vanessa next we e k? Yogurt night? VANESSA Uh yeah sure Ken You know whatever KEN You can put carob chips on the re VANESSA Good night KEN as he exits Supposed to be less calories or something VANESSA Bye She shuts the door Vanessa starts cleaning up BARRY I've got to say sometlhing She saved my life I've got to say something Alright he re it goes Barry flies in Bee Movie APARTMENT- CONTINUOUS Barry hides himself on different PRODUCTS placed along VANESSA You're talking BARRY Yes I know I know VANESSA You're talking BARRY I know I'm sony I'm so sorry VANESSA It's okay It's fine It's just I know I'm dreaming but I don't recall going to bed Bee Movie - JS REVISIONS 81307 35 BARRY Well you know I'm sure this is very disconcerting VANESSA Well yeah I mean this is a bit of a surprise to me I meanyou're a bee BARRY Yealh I am a bee and you know I'm not supposed to be doing this but they were all trying to kill me and if it wasn't for youI mean I had to thank you It's just the way I was raised Vanessa intentionally JABS her hand with a FORK VANESSA O w! BARRY That was a little we ird VANESSA to herself I'm talking to a bee BARRY Yealh VANESSA I'm talking to a be e BARRY BARRY Really? VANESSA It's just coffee BARRY I hate to impose Bee Movie - JS REVISIONS 81307 37 VANESSA Don't be ridiculous BARRY Actually I would love a cup VANESSA Hey you want a little rum cake? BARRY I really shouldn't VANESSA Have a little rum cake BARRY No no no I can't VANESSA Oh come on BARRY You know I'm trying to lose a couple micrograms he re VANESSA Where? BARRY Well These stripes don't help VANESSA You look great BARRY I don't know if you know anything about fashion Vanessa starts POURING the coffee through an imaginary cup and directly onto the floor BARRY CONT'D A re you alright? VANESSA No DISSOLVE TO SEQ 1300 ROOFTOP COFFEE Bee Movie - JS REVISIONS 81307 38 EXT for the hive but I can't do it the way they want VANESSA I know how you feel BARRY You do? VANESSA Sure my parents wanted me to be a lawyer or doctor but I wanted to be a florist BARRY Really? VANESSA My only interest is flowers BARRY Our new queen was just elected with that same campaign slogan VANESSA Oh BARRY Anyway see there's my hive right there You can see it VANESSA Oh you're in Sheep Meadow BARRY excite d Yes! You know the turtle pond? VANESSA Yes? BARRY I'm right off of that VANESSA Oh no way I know that area Do you know I lost a toe-ring there once? BARRY Really? Bee Movie - JS REVISIONS 81307 40 VANESSA Yes BARRY Why do girls put rings on their toes? VANESSA Why not? BARRY I don't know It's like putting a hat on your knee VANESSA Really? Okay A JANITOR in the background changes a LIGHTBULB To him it appe ars that Vanessa is talking to an imaginary friend JANITOR You all right ma'am? VANESSA Oh yeah fine Just having two cups of coffee BARRY Anyway this has been great wiping his mouth Thanks for the coffee Barry gazes at Vanessa VANESSA Oh yeah it's no trouble BARRY Sorry I couldn't finish it Vanessa giggles BARRY CONT'D re coffee If I did l'd be up the rest of my life Ummm Can I take a piece of this with me? VANESSA Sure Here have a crumb She takes a CRUMB from the plate and hands it to Barry Bee Movie - JS REVISIONS 81307 41 BARRY a little dreamy Oh thanks VANESSA Yeah The re is an awkward pause COAT BEE 2 Well he's all set to go we may as well try it into the mic Okay Dave pull the chute The test bee opens his parachute He's instantly blown against the rear wall Adam and Barry ENTER ADAM Sounds amazing BARRY Oh it was amazing It was the scariest Ihappiest moment of my life ADAM Humans! Humans! I can't believe you were with humans! Giant scary humans! What we re they like? BARRY Huge and crazy They talk crazy they eat crazy giant things They drive around real crazy ADAM And do they try and kill you like on TV? BARRY Some of them But some of the m don't ADAM How'd you get back? BARRY Poodle ADAM Look you did it And I'm glad You saw whatever you wanted to see out there you had your experience and now JS REVISIONS 81307 43 ANGLE ON LAB BEES examining a CANDY CORN through a micros cope BARRY Well ADAM Well? BARRY Well I met some one ADAM You met some one? Was she Bee-ish? BARRY Mmm ADAM Not a WASP? Your parents will kill you BARRY No no no not a wasp ADAM Spider? BARRY You know I'm not attracted to the spiders I know to everyone else it's like the hottest thing with the eight legs and all I can't get by that face Barry makes a spider face ADAM So who is she? BARRY She 's a human ADAM Oh no no no no That didn't happen You didn't do that That is a bee law You wouldn't break a bee law BARRY Her name's Vanessa Bee JANET BENSON Would it kill you to just make a little honey? Barry ROLLS off the raft and SINKS to the bottom of the pool We hear his parents MUFFLE D VOICES from above the surface Bee Movie - JS REVISIO NS 81307 47 JANET BENSON CONT'D muffled Barry come out from under there Your father's talking to you Martin would you talk to him? MARTIN BENSON Barry I'm talking to you DISSOLVE TO EXT PICNIC AREA DAY MUSIC Sugar Sugar by the Archies Bary and Vanessa are having a picnic A MOSQUITO lands on Vanessa's leg She SWATS it violently Barry's head whips around aglhast They stare at each other awkwardly in a frozen moment then BURST INTO HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER Vanessa GETS UP VANESSA You coming? BARRY Got everything? VANESSA All set Vanessa gets into a one-man Ultra Light plane with a black and yellow paint scheme She puts on her heImet BARRY You go ahead I'll catch up VANESSA come hither wink Don't be too long The Ultra Light takes off Barry catches up They fly sideby-side VANESSA CONT'D Watch this! Vanessa does a loop and FLIES right into the side of a mountain BURSTING into a huge ball of flames Bee Movie - JS REVISIONS 81307 48 BARRY yelling anguished Vanessa! EXT BARRY'S PARENT'S HOUSE - CONTINUOUS ANGLE ON Barry's face bursting through the surface of the pool GASPING for air eyes opening in horror MARTIN BENSON We're still he re Barry JANET BENSON I told you not to yell at him He doesn't respond when you yell at him MARTIN BENSON Then why are you yelling at me? JANET BENSON Because you don't listen MARTIN BENSON I'm not liste ning to this Barry is toweling off putting on his sweater BARRY Sorry Mom I've got to go JANET BENSON Where are you going? BARRY Nowhere I'm meeting a friend Barry JUMPS off the balcony and EXITS JANET BENSON calling after him A girl? Is this why you can't decide? BARRY Bye! JANET BENSON I just hope she's Bee-ish CUT TO Bee Movie STREETWALKSUPERMARKET EXT VANESSA'S FLORIST SHOP - DAY Vanessa FLIPS the sign to say Sorry We Missed You and locks the door ANGLE ON A POSTER on Vanessa's door for the Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena Hivo but it's a disease It's a horrible horrible disease VANESSA Oh my They turn the corner onto a busier avenue and people start to swat at Bary MAN Dumb be es! VANESSA You must just want to sting all those jerks BARRY We really try not to sting It's usually fatal for us VANESSA So you really have to watch your temper? They ENTER a SUPERMARKET CUT TO INT SUPERMARKET BARRY Oh yeah very care fully You kick a wall take a walk write an angry letter and throw it out You work through it like any em otion-- anger jealousy under his breath lust Barry hops on top of some cardboard boxes in the middle of an aisle A stock boy HECTOR whacks him with a rolled up magazine VANESSA to Barry Oh my goodness Are you okay? Bee Movie - JS JS REVISIONS 81307 52 BARRY I never heard of him Why is this here? VANESSA For pe ople We eat it BARRY Why? gesturing around the market You don't have enough food of your own? VA NESSA Well yes we-- BARRY How do you even get it? VANESSA Well be es make i BARRY I know who makes it! And it's hard to make it! There's Heating and Cooling and Stirringyou needa whole Kreiman thing VANESSA It's organic BARRY It's our-ganic! VANESSA It's just honey Barry BARRY Justwhat?! Bees don't know about this This is stealing A lot of stealing! You've taken our homes our schools our hospitals This is all we have And it's on sale? I'm going to get to the bottom of this I'm going to get to the bottom of JS REVISIONS 81307 53 SEQ 1800 WINDSHIELD EXT BACK OF SUPERMARKET LOADING DOCK LATER THAT DAY Bary disguises himself by blacking out his yellow lines with a MAGIC MARKER and putting on some war paint He sees Hector the stock boy with a knife CUTTING open cardboard boxes filled with honey jars MAN You almost done? HECTOR Almost Barry steps in some honey making a SNAPPING noise Hector stops and turns HECTOR CONT'D He is here I sense it Hector grabs his BOX CUTTER Barry REACTS hides himself be hind the box again HECTOR CONT'D tallking too loud to no one in particular Well I guess I'll go home now and just leave this nice EXT TRUCK WINDSHIELD MOOSEBLOOD But don't kill no more bugs! The Mosquito is FLUNG off of the wiper MOOSEBLOOD CONT'D Beeeeeeeeeeeeee! BARRY Moose blood guy! Bee Movie - JS REVISIONS 81307 57 Barry slides toward the end of the wiper is thrown off but he grabs the AERIAL and hangs on for dear life Barry looks across and sees a CRICKET on another vehicle in the exact same predicament They look at each other and SCREAM in unison BARRY AND CRICKET Aaaaaaaaaah! ANOTHER BUG grabs onto the aerial and screams as well INT TRUCK CAB- SAME TIME DRIVER You hear some thing? TRUCKER PASSENGER Like what? DRIVER Like tiny screaming TRUCKER PASSENGER Turn off the radio The driver reaches down and PRESSES a button own BARRY But what if you get in trouble? MOOSEBLOOD Trouble? You're a mosquito You're in trouble! Nobody likes us They're just all smacking People see a mos quito smack smack! BARRY At least you're out in the world You must meet a lot of girls MOOSEBLOOD Mosquito girls try to trade up get with a moth dragonfly mos quito girl don't want no mosquito A BLOOD MOBILE pulls up alongside MOOSEBLO0OD CONT'D Whoa you have got to be kidding me Moose blood's about to leave the building So long bee Bee Movie minute semi-automatic Twice the nicotine all the tar They LAUGH again nefariously FREDDY CONT'D Couple of bre a ths of this and it knocks them right out They make the honey and we make the money BARRYThey make the honey and we make the money? Barry climbs onto the netting of Freddy's hat He climbs up to the brim and looks over the edge He sees the apiary boxes as Freddy SMOKES them BARRY CONT'D Oh my As Fre ddy turns around Barry jumps into an open apiary box and into an apartment HOWARD and FRAN are just coming to from the smoking BARRY CONT'D What's going on? Are you okay? HOWARD Yeah it doesn't last too long HE COUGHS a few times BARRY How did you two get - JS REVISIONS 81307 71 INT COURTHOUSE - CONTINUOUS Barry SHUDDERS VANESSA What's the matter? BARRY I don't know I just got a chill Montgomery ENTERS He wallks by Barry's table shaking a honey packet MONTGOMERY Well if it isn't the B-Team re the honey packet Any of you boys work on this? He CHUCKLES The JUDGE ENTERS SEQ 3000 WITNESSES BAILIFF All rise! The Honorable Judge Bumbleton presiding JUDGE shuffling papers AlrightCase number 4475 Superior Court of New York Barry Bee Bens on vs the honey industry is now in session Mr Montgomery you are repre senting the five major food companies collective ly ANGLE Montgomery's BRIEFCASE It has an embossed emblem of an EAGLE holding a gavel in one talon and a briefcase in the other MONTGOMERYA privilege JUDGE Mr Benson Barry STANDS JUDGE CONT'D You are representing all bees of the world? Bee Movie just an ordinary bee And as a bee honey's pretty important to me It's important to all be es We JS REVISIONS 81307 74 INT COURTHOUSE - LATER BARRY So Mr Klauss Vanderhayden of Honey Farms Pretty big company you have there? MR VANDERHAYDEN I suppose so BARRY And I see you also own HoneyBurton and Hon- Ron MR VANDERHAYDEN Yes They provide beekeepers for our farms BARRY Beekee per I find that to be a very disturbing term I have to say I don't imagine you employ any bee free-ers do you? MR VANDERHAYDEN No BARRY I'm sory I couldn't hear you MR VANDERHAYDEN louder No BARRY No Because you don't free bees You keep bees And not only that it seems you thought a bear would be an appropriate image for a jar of honey? MR VANDERHAYDEN Well they're very lovable cre atures Yogi-be ar Fozzy-bear Build-a-bear BARRY Yeah you mean like this?! Vanessa and the SUPERINTE NDANT from her building ENTER with a invented it we make it and we protect it with our lives Unfortunate ly the re are some pe ople in this room who think they can take whatever they want from us cause we're the little guys And what I'm hoping is that after this is all over you'll see how by taking our honey you're not only taking away everything we have but everything we are ANGLE ON Vanessa smiling ANGLE ON The BEE GALLERY wiping tears away CUT TO INT BENSON HOUSE Barry's family is watching the case on TV JANET BENSON Oh I wish he would dress like that all the time So nice CUT TO INT COURTROOM LATER JUDGE Call your first witness CUT TO Bee Movie Thank you Liotta LAUGHS MANIACALLY BARRY I also see from your resume that you're devilishly hands ome but with a churning inner turmoil that's always ready to blow LIOTTA I enjoy what I do Is that a crime? Bee Movie - JS REVISIONS 81307 77 BARRY Not yet it isn't But is this what it's come to for you Mr Liotta? Exploiting tiny heI pless bees so you don't have to rehearse your part and leam your lines Sir? LIOTTA Watch it Benson I could blow right now BARRY This isn't a goodfella This is a badfella! LIOTTA exploding trying to smash Barry with the Emmy Why doe sn't some one just step on this little creep and we can all go home? You're all thinking it Say it! JUDGE Order! Order in this courtroom! A MONTAGE OF NEWSPAPER HEADLINES FOLLOWS really a special skill KEN to Barry You think I don't see what you're doing? BARRY Hey look I know how hard it is trying to find the right job We certainly have that in common KEN Do we? BARRY Well bees have 100% employment of course But we do jobs like taking the crud out KEN That's just what I was thinking about doing Ken holds his table knife up It slips out of his hand He goes under the table to pick it up Bee Movie champagne down on the table Ken closes his eyes and buries his face in his hands He gra bs a magazine on the way into the bathroom SEQ 2800- FRESHENER KEN CONT'D I think something stinks in here He sprays at Barry BARRY I love the smell of flowers KEN Yeah? How do you like the smell of flames? Ken lights the stream BARRY Not as much Barry flies in a circle Ken trying to stay with him spins in place ANGLE ON Flames outside the bathroom door Ken slips on the Italian Vogue falls backward into the shower pulling down the shower curtain The can hits him in the head followed by the shower curtain rod and the rubber duck Ken rea ches back grabs the handheld shower head He whips around looking for Barry ANGLE ON A WATERBUG near the drain WATERBUG Waterbug Not taking sides Barry is on the toilet tank He comes out from behind a shampoo bottle we a ring a chapstick cap as a MONTGOMERY So those aren't even your real parents! ANGLE ON Barry's parents MARTIN BENSON Oh Barry BARRY Yes they are! ADAM Hold me back! Vanessa holds him back with a COFFEE STIRRER Montgomery points to Barry's parents MONTGOMERY You're an illegitimate bee aren't you Benson? ADAM He's denouncing bees! All the bees in the courtroom start to HUM They're agitated MONTGOMERY And don't y'all date your cousins? Bee Movie - JS REVISIONS 81307 87 VANESSA standing letting go of Adam Objection! Adam explodes from the table and flies towards Montgomery ADAM I'm going to pin cushion this guy! Montgomery turns around and positions himself by the judge's bench He sticks his butt out Montgomery winks at his team BARRY Adam don't! It's what he wants! Adam shoves Bary out of the way Adam STINGS Montgomery in the butt The jury REACTS aghast MONTGOMERY Ow! I'm hit! Oh lordy I am hit! The judge BANGS her gavel JUDGE Order! Order! Please Mr Montgomery MONTGOMERY The venom! The venom is cours ing through my veins! I have been felled bya wing-ed beast of destruction You see? You can't treat them like equals They're strip-ed savages! Stinging's the only thing they know! It's their way! ANGLE ON Adam collapsed on the floor Barry rushes to his side BARRY Adam stay with me ADAM I can't feel my legs Montgomery falls on the Bailiff BAILIFF Take it easy Bee Movie - JS REVISIONS 81307 88 MONTGOMERY Oh what angel of mercy will ADAM pressing the button YeahI blew the whole case di dn't 1? Bee Movie - JS REVISIO NS 81307 89 BARRY Oh it doesn't matter The important thing is you're alive You could have died ADAM I'd be be tter off dead Look at me Adam THROWS the blanket off his lap revealing a GREEN SANDWICH SWORD STINGER ADAM CONT'D voice cracking They got it from the cafeteria they got it from downstairs In a tuna sandwich Look there's a little celery still on it BARRY What was it like to sting someone? ADAM I can't explain it It was all adrenalineand thenecstasy Barry looks at Adam BARRY Alright ADAM You think that was all a trap? BARRY Of course I'm sory I flew us right into this What were we thinking? Look at us we're just a couple of bugs in this world ADAM What do you think the humans will do to us if they win? BARRY I don't know ADAM I hear they put the roaches in motels That doesn't sound so bad Bee Movie - JS REVISIONS 81307 90 BARRY Adam they check in but they don't check out Adam GULPS ADAM Oh my ANGLE ON the hospital window We see THREE PEOPLE smoking outside on the sidewalk The smoke drifts in Adam COUGHS ADAM CONT'D Say could you get a nurse to close that window? BARRY Why? ADAM The smoke Bees don't smoke BARRY Right Bees don't smoke Bees don't smoke! But some bees are smoking Adam that's it! That's our case Adam starts putting his clothes on ADAM it is? It's not over? BARRY No Get up Get dressed I've got to go good time I actually once heard a pretty funny story abouta bee-- MONTGOMERY Your Honor haven't these ridiculous bugs taken up enough of this court's valuable time? Montgomery rolls out from behind his table He's sus pended in a LARGE BABY CHAIR with wheels MONTGOMERY CONT'D How much longer are we going to allow these absurd shenanigans to go on? They have presented no compe Illing evidence to support their charges against my clients wiho have all run perfectly legitimate businesses I move for a complete dismissal of this entire case JUDGE Mr Flayman I am afraid I am going to have to consider Mr Montgomery's motion Bee Movie - JS REVISIONS 81307 92 ADAM But you can't We have a terrific case MONTGOMERY Where is your crashing to the table He bounces right back up VANESSA CONT'D Oh sorry BARRY Ow!! I'm okay Vanessa do you know what this means? All the honey is finally going to belong to the bees Now we won't have to work so hard all the time Montgomery approaches Barry surrounded by the press The cameras and microphones go to Montgomery MONTGOMERY waving a finger This is an unholy perversion of the balance of nature Benson! You'll regret this ANGLE ON Barry's 'deer in headlights' expre ssion as the press pushes microphones in his face Bee Movie Ralph Lauren and I have no pants The Press follows Barry as he EXITS ANGLE ON Adam and Vanessa ADAM putting papers away What if Montgomery's right? VANESSA What do you mean? ADAM We've been living the bee way a long time 27 million years DISSOLVE TO SEQ 3600 HONEY ROUNDUP EXT HONEY FARMS APIARY MONTAGE SARAH Vo Congratulations on your victory What are you going to demand as a settlement? BARRY VO over montage First we're going to demand a complete shutdown of all bee work camps Then we want to get back all the honey that was ours to begin with Every last drop We demand an end to the glorification of the bear as anything more than a filthy smelly big-headed bad breath stink-machine Bee prance-about stage name! CUT TO INT A WOMAN'S SHOWER - MONTAGE A WOMAN is taking a shower and using honey shampoo An ATF&H age nt pulls the shower curtain aside and grabs her bottle of shampoo The woman SCREAMS The agent turns to the 3 other agents and Barry ANGLE ON Bary looking at the label on the shampoo bottle shaking his head and writing in his clipboard CUT TO EXT SUPERMARKET CAFE - MONTAGE Another customer an old lady having her tea with a little jar of honey gets her face pushed down onto the table and turned to the side by two agents One of the agents has a gun on her OLD LADY Can't breathe CUT TO EXT CENTRAL PARK - MONTAGE An OIL DRUM of honey is connected to Barry's hive Bee Movie - JS balconies of the gyms CUT TO EXT CENTRAL PARK ANGLE ON THE FLOWERS starting to DROOP CUT TO INT J-GATE J-Gate is deserted CUT TO Bee Movie - JS REVISIONS 81307 99 EXT NEW HIVE CITY ANGLE ON Bees sunning them selves A TIMER DINGS and they all turn over CUT TO EXT CENTRAL PARK TIME LAPSE of Central Park turning brown CUT TO EXT VANESSA'S FLORIST SHOP CLOSE-UP SHOT Vanessa writes Sorry No more flowers on a Closed sign an turns it facing out CUT TO SEQ 3700 - IDLE HIVE EXT NEW HIVE CITY-DAY Barry flies at high speed TRACKING SHOT into the hive through the lobby of Honex and into Adam's office CUT TO INT ADAM'S OFFICE - CONTINUOUS Barry meets Adam in his office Adam's office is in JS REVISIONS 81307 100 ADAM exiting with a cardboard box of belongings No they're just home They don't know what to do BARRY Hmmm ADAM They're laying out they're sleeping in I heard your Uncle Carl was on his way to San Antonio with a cricket BARRY At least we got our honey back They walk through the empty factory ADAM Yeah but sometimes I think so what if the humans liked our honey? Who wouldn't? It's the greatest thing in the world I was excited to be a part So you take away the produce that affects the entire animal kingdom And then of course BARRY The human species? VANESSA clearing throat Ahem! BARRY Oh So if there 's no more pollination it could all just go south here couldn't it? VANESSA And I know this is also partly my fault Barry takes a long SlGH BARRY How about a suicide pact? VANESSA not sure if he's joking How would we do it? BARRY I'll sting you you step on me Bee Movie - JS REVISIONS 81307 103 VANESSA That just kills you twice BARRY Right right VANESSA Listen Barry Sorry but I've got to get going She EXITS BARRY looking out over the park Had to open my mouth and talk looking back Vanessa? Vanessa is gone CUT TO SEQ 3935 GOING TO PASADENA EXT NY JS REVISIONS 81307 104 BARRY chuckling to himself Tournament of Roses Roses can't do sports Wait a minuteroses Roses? Roses!? Vanessa! Barry follows shortly after He catches up to it and he pounds on the window Barry follows shortly after Vanessa's cab He catches up to it and he pounds on the window marshall BARRY You do that This whole parade is a fiasco! She EXITS Vanessa removes the step-ladder The princess FALLS Barry and Vanessa take off in the float BARRY CONT'D Let's see what this baby will do ANGLE ON Guy with he a ds et talking to drivers HEADSET GUY Hey! The float ZOOMS by A young CHILD in the stands TIMMY cries CUT TO EXT FLOAT STAGING AREA- A FEW MOMENTS LATER ANGLE ON Vanessa putting the prince ss hat on BARRY VO Then all we do is blend in with traffic without arousing suspicion CUT TO EXT THE PARADE ROUTE - CONTINUOUS The floats go flying by the crowds Barry and Vanessa's float CRASHES through the fence CUT TO Bee Movie - JS REVISIONS 81307 109 EXT LA FREEWAY Vanessa and Barry 0C Then if we 're lucky we'll have just enough pollen to do the job DISSOLVE TO SEQ 4025 life raft explode d Now one 's bald one's in a boat and they're both uncons cious VANESSA Is that another bee joke? BARRY No No one 's flying the plane The AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLER BUD spea ks over the radio BUD This is JFK control tower Flight 356 what's your status? Vanessa presses a button and the intercom comes on VANESSA This is Vanessa Bloome I'm a florist from New York BUD Whe re's the pilot? VANESSA He's unconscious and so is the copilot BUD Not good Is there any one onboard who has flight experience? A BEAT BARRY As a matter of fact there is Bee Movie - JS REVISIONS 81307 114 BUD Who's that? VANESSA Barry Benson BUD From the honey trial? Oh great BARRY Vanessa this is nothing more than a big metal bee It's got giant wings huge engines VANESSA I can't fly a plane BARRY Why not? Isn't John Travolta a pilot? VANESSA Yes? BARRY How hard could it be? VANESSA Wait a minute Barry we're headed into some lightning CUT TO Vanessa shrugs and takes the controls SEQ 4150- BARRY FLIES P LANE INT BENSON HOUSE The family is all huddled around the TV at the Benson house ANGLE ON TV Bob Bumble is broadcasting BOB BUMBLE This is Bob Bum ble We have some late-breaking news from JFK airport whe re a very suspenseful scene is developing Barry Benson fresh off his stunning legal victory Bee Movie - JS REVISIONS 81307 115 Adam SPRAYS a can of HONEY-WHIP into his mouth ADAM That's Bary BOB BUMBLEis now attempting to land a plane what happened? BARRY noticing the control panel Wait a minute I think we were on autopilot that whole time VANESSA That may have been helping me BARRY And now we're not! VANESSA VO folding her arms Well then it turns out I cannot fly a plane Bee Movie - JS REVISIONS 81307 118 BARRY CONT'D Vanessa struggles with the yoke CUT TO EXT AIRP LA NE The airplane goes into a steep dive CUT TO SEQ 4175 CRASH LANDING INT J-GATE An ALERT SIGN READING Hive Alert We Need Then the SIGNAL goes from Two Bees Some Bees Every Bee There Is Lou Loduca gathers the pollen jocks at J-Gate LOU LODUCA All of you let's get behind this fellow Move it out! The bees follow Lou Loduca and EXIT J-Gate CUT TO INT The pollen jocks! VANESSA They do get behind a fellow BARRY Black and yellow LOU LODUCA over headset Hello Bee Movie - JS REVISIONS 81307 121 Alright you two what do you say we drop this tin can on the bla cktop? VANESSA What blacktop? Where? I can't see anything Can you? BARRY No nothing It's all cloudy CUT TO EXT RUNWAY Adam SHOUTS ADAM Come on you've got to think bee Barry Thinking bee thinking bee ANGLE ON Overhe ad shot of runway The bees are in the formation of a flower In unison they move causing the flower to FLASH YELLOW AND BLACK BEES chanting Thinking bee thinking bee CUT TO INT COCKPIT We see through the swirling mist and clouds A GIANT SHAPE OF A FLOWER is forming in the middle of the runway BARRY Wait a minute I think I'm fee ling something VANESSA What? BARRY I don't know but it's strong And it's pulling me like a 27 million year old instinct Bring the nose of the plane down Bee Movie VANESSA Cut the engines? BARRY We're going in on bee power Ready boys? LOU LODUCA Affirmative CUT TO Bee Movie - JS REVISIONS 81307 123 INT AIRP LA NE COCKPIT BARRY Good good easy now Land on that flower! Ready boys? Give me full reverse LoU LODUCA Spin it around! The plane attempts to land on top of an Aloha Airlines plane with flowers painted on it BARRY VO I mean the giant black and yellow pulsating flower made of millions of bees! VANESSA Which flower? BARRY That flower! VANESSA I'm aiming at the flower! The plane goes after a FAT GUY IN A HAWAIIAN SHIRT BARRY VO That's a fat guy in a flowered shirt! The other other flower! The big one He snaps a photo and runs away BARRY CONT'D Full forward Ready RUNWAY SPEECH EXTRUNWAY - CONTINUOUS The INFLATA BLE SLIDES pop out the side of the plane The passengers escape Barry and Vanessa slide down out of the cockpit Barry and Vanessa exhale a huge breath VANESSA Barry we did it You taught me how to fly Vanessa raises her hand up for a high five Bee Movie - JS REVISIONS 81307 125 BARRY Yes No high five VANESSA Right ADAM Bary it worke d Did you see the giant flower? BARRY What giant flowe r? Where? Of course I saw the flower! That was genius man Genius! ADAM Thank you BARRY But we 're not done yet Barry flies up to the wing of the plane and addresses the bee crowd BARRY CONT'D Listen everyone This runway is Law Bee Movie them anywhere Bee Movie - JS REVISIONS 81307 129 BARRY Not a problem Vannie Just leave it to me Vanessa turns back to deal with a customer VANESSA You're a life-saver Barry to the next customer Can I help who's next? Who's next? ANGLE ON Vanessa smiling back at Barry Barry smiles too then snaps himself out of it BARRY speaks into his antennae Alright Scramble jocks it's time to fly! VANESSA Thank you Barry! EXT FLOWER SHOP - CONTINUOUS ANGLE ON Ken and Andy walking down the street KEN noticing the new sign Augh! What in the world? It's that bee again! ANDY guiding Ken prote ctive ly Let it go Kenny KEN That bee is living my life! When will this nightmare end? ANDY Let it all go They don't break stride ANGLE ON Camera in front of Barry as he flies out the door and up into the sky Pollen jocks fold in formation behind him as they zoom into the park BARRY to Splitz Beautiful day to fly Bee Movie - JS REVISIONS 81307 130 JACKSON Sure is BARRY Between you and me I was dying to get out of that office FADE OUT Bee Movie Yeah just zoom in Meme

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