Towleroad Follow 22-Year-Old Florida Man Shot Dead for Defending Gay Friends VIDEC tlrdus2vIsoyQ UTH BEACH VICTIM KILLED IN SHOOTING ID'D AKE WORTH 1217 PM-7 Aug 2017 323 Retweets 438 Likes匿@ Calvin Φ @calvinstowell Follow This is what an American hero looks like Towleroad @tird 22-Year-Old Florida Man Shot Dead for Defending Gay Friends VIDEO tirdus2vlsoyQ 1219 PM-7 Aug 2017 1774 Retweets 6014 Likes homo-nerd-grizz tikkunolamorgtfo lucbensimon black-to-the-bones A Florida man was murdered early Sunday morning defending his gay friends from a drunk homophobe who followed them out of the restaurant where they were eating Multiple witnesses reported that the killer came after the group and shouted “If we were in my country I’d kill all of you like rats I hate you damned gays I’m going to kill you all here” The victim 22-year-old Juan Javier Cruz was shot dead with a handgun Mena pulled from his pocket after defending his friends This is not right that people have to die just because homophobia is flourishing in America RIP Juan Javier Cruz you are a hero Source Rest in power May his memory be a blessing When people say “It’s 2018 nobody cares if you’re gay or not” They don’t even know Meme

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