TOZS L374K 682 V121K googlecomsearch?q= Thread April Daniels @1aprildaniels April Daniels @1aprildaniels 19h He lost more money than you'll ever have and he still has more money left over than you'll ever have and that's not because he deserves it it's because his family stole an emerald mine from the Black people who Google I'm disabled and trans and super poor paypal creator Give me money live in South Africa VIDEOS ALL NEWS IMAGES SHOPPING Pay April Daniels using PayPalMe @Forbes 21h atkes Forbes PayPal раypalme Elon Musk's net worth dropped $720 Founders million after Tesla's botched Cybertruck debut onforbescom 622 PM 112219 Twitter Web Client 60101PVL2 CLUB 191 Retweets 1211 Likes April Daniels @1aprildaniels 14h I'm muting this If you want to send me your pro-Musk hottake you're gonna have Elon Musk Max Levchin Peter Thiel to add it as a comment to a donation paypalmeMsAprilDaniels t374K 682 121K M1010 *Insert Curb Your Enthusiasm Theme* Meme

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