trajans nefertitie nefertitie did i ever tell u guys that in fifth grade my class wrote a play bc we were studying ancient greece? it was called persephone and the not so hot heroes i played demeter basically persephone got kidnapped by kronos and i strong armed hades into giving me 3 heroes from the underworld to get her back but they were actually temible and i forget how she was actually saved but bottom line is that you wish you were my fifth grade class this wasn't little either we used the town hall and we wore togas and shit me as demeter some lines this was a joint effort of a bunch of greek-savvy 1011 year olds athena im the goddess of wisdom but you don't notice me telling everyone i'm too smart for that aphrodite is zeus chasing some mortal woman again? athena no this time he and hera have gone for marriage counselling athena we can ask hades to let them out of the underworld to help aphrodite he'll never agree he's such a deadly bore we made a fucking pun im so angry demeter hades wont pick up he's too busy torturing the dead in tartarus hades i can't undo the laws of death just think of the paperwork aphrodite the humidity is messing up my hair it's getting all frizzy athena is that all you care about? aphrodite no it's also messing up my dress demeter it's so dark and there aren't any trees or flowers hades what do we need trees for everybody's dead paris yeah and i can shoot straight! isn't that right achilles? hades enters paris who are you? do we know you? achilles im mighty achilles odysseus im wily odysseus paris and im hungry paris kronos i really am awesome aren't i aeton one wrong move and you're history odysseus fooll we already are historyl demeter where are those mortals? i left them right there athena are you sure? this isnt the first time you've lost someone l suddenly have the need for the entire screenplay and to direct it at my college This play is the stuff of legends Meme

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