transcharlesxavier headcanon that both erik and charles are absolute shite at chess but they both assume they're fantastic because they never play anyone else thequest35 1 was wrong when Eriks rook jumped Charles Bishop but didn't want to admit he didn't know that rule fullmetalcarer Ah the moving three pawns at once' opening Audacious Erik audacious The prison gards in x2 watching the game over the cameras like W-What are theywhat's going on - Matt look at this shit robininthelabyrinth My favorite part of this is that on a meta level in the X-men movies one of the random trivia facts l've heard is that neither lan McKellan nor Patrick Stewart know how to play chess so they just randomly moved pieces around the chessboard when they said their lines Every once in a while they would do something dramatic and symbolic like going to checkmate when the script would call for it but the rest of the time they have no idea what they're doing So in a way this is canon Chess is just part of their frenemy aesthetic Meme

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