transpeter-deactivated20180411 i'm happy that mcu peter's spidey sense isn't being shown as a miracle worker like i'm happy peter's sense went off to danger that was laughably close to peter people have this misconception mainly due to the 2002 spidey films that his spidey sense will give peter a heads up to threats wayyyyy in advance but that's not the case like there have been many times when peter's spidey sense doesn't really alert him to danger until the danger is really close sometimes close enough that regular people have already noticed said danger and even then peter often ignores it bc it can go off to things that aren't necessarily a threat but COULD be like a wad of paper being thrown at him by flash a puddle on the floor that could make him slip so sometimes peter just ignores it bc it goes off all the time to shit that really isn't that dangerous the sense is basically like a really reliable and sometimes annoying gut-feeling the spidey sense is so cool but it's still a sense not that different from sight or hearing or taste or touch and it isn't all powerful or always very helpful % transpeter So basically spider sense just gave peter anxiety honestly i never thought of it like that but yeah basically jfhfhdhd super anxiety romentical radioactive spider look! i made a superhero! the avengers you fucked up a perfectly good teenager is what you did look at him he's got anxiety % starkologist I sense a faint smell of danger and-chaos-ensues This isn't your average every-day anxiety This is Advanced Anxiety Spidey Sense Meme

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