Trash Trash 4m C20GTwizzler Cogyellowburst @ogpinkstarburst chill fam OG PINK STARBURST @ogpinkstarb 3m @Trash @OGTwizzler Cogyellowburst aye fam arent you tired of being full of yellow starbursts? Trash @Trash @ogpinkstar burst a OGTwizzler @ogyellowburst shit gets old l'll telling you bruh 41115 1107 PM PINK STARBURST @ogpinkstarburst 10m @ogyellowburst stfu nigga nobody like yo ass yellow starburst @ogyellowburst 9m @ogpink starburst BITCH U TASTE LIKE BREASTCANCER PINK STARBURST @ogpink starburst 7m @ogyellowburst BITCH YOU TASTE LIKE THAT SHIT JUST TOOK yellow starburst @ogyellow burst ogpinkstarburst DONT EVEN SAY NOTHING BOY YOUR WRAPPERS ARE MADE OUT OF PEDOPHILE SPERM AND WOOD NIGGA G WIZZIe @ogyellowburst Coogpinkstarburst you niggas need to chill yellow starburst @ogyellowburst 1m @OGTwizzler @ogpinkstarburst FUCKOUTA HERE NIGGA THATS REDVINES IN YOUR AVI ANYWAYS OG Twizzler @OG Twizzler @ogyellowburst a ogpinkstarburst OH REALLY NIGGA THAT'S WHY EVERYONE THROWING YOUR ASS IN THE GARBAGE WHEN THEY SEE YOU BUT 41115 1104 PM Air Heads @ogairheadxtrems 3m Cogyellowburst square up tho yellow starburst @ogyellowburst 3m @ogairheadxtrems NIGGA YO HEAD IS FULL OF AIR SHUT UP Air Heads @ogairheadlixtrems @ogyellowburst AT LEAST NIGGAS BE HAPPY TO SEE ME NO ONE WANTS YO ASS yellow starburst ogyellowburst ogairheadxtrems NIGGA U A GAY PRIDE PARADE IN A CANDY 41115 1115 PM Candy fighting each other gotta love Twitter man Meme

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