Travis Scott Wasn't Thinking About The Grammy's When He Made Astroworld CO During his Billboard interview Travis Scott spoke about having 3 Grammy nominations Travis is nominated for rap album for Astroworld best rap performance and best rap song for “Sicko Mode”⁣ -⁣ Travis also stated that he wasn’t even thinking about the Grammy’s when he was making ‘ASTROWORLD’ he had this to say⁣ ⁣ I go in on making music Birds was my second album At some point I was just hoping to be recognized by The Recording Academy Scott said about his first album But I went back in for Astroworld and just tried to make good music Getting nominated wasn’t driving me in my mind It’s just something that kind of like happenedMaybe people are getting more attuned tapping more into this generation and the youthfulness of music It’s so diverse and so spread across the US the world and all different types of genres he explained Kids are driving it so it’s showing what they’re listening to It’s dope to see a mix of different people get more recognized for their music now⁣ -⁣ Raptvstaff @thatkidcm⁣ 📸 @brandondull Meme

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