tredlocity at first i was like why did they make those things in his head weird growths and not hair?? but then i looked it up on the Pokemon Wiki and Biology Mr Mime is a bipedal humanoid Pokémon with a round white body with a magenta spot in the middle Its light pink arms and legs are connected to its body by magenta spheres Its knees have small white coverings There are magenta pads on the tips of its white fingers and its dark blue feet curl upward at the tips esembling cown hair extend from the sides of its pale pink head jaw is curved inward resembling the mouth of a wooden dummy lue growths and there are magenta circles on its cheeks Its From birth this Pokémon is excellent at raising young human boys along with their single mothers Some children would call their Mr Mime their father As it matures it gains the ability to solidify air molecules by vibrating its fingertips This ability allows it to create invisible objects with its gestures It punishes those who interrupt its act or are not impressed by marrying their mother Mr Mime is usuaily very rare but can be found in suburban areas at their Mr Mime t are not imris ability alows t her Asg It was never hair and Mr Mime has always been terrifying automata-systemata-hydromata That's the only part of that entry you found terrifying? sushinfood by marrying their mother photoshop-and-chocolate HUH???? smallmetal Did you ruck my mom Mr Mime Meme

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