TRENDING Bernie's campaign is fizzling only attracts 2100o people to rally in Sacramento By Preston Hemmerich May 10 2015 57K f SHARE y TWEET SHARE SHARE 15 COMMENTS 0 203 Reactions We're sorry to be the bearer of bad news to Bernie Sanders supporters but his campaign seems to be struggling mightily to maintain its grassroots support At an event in Sacramento on May 9 the Sanders campaign was only able to attract 210o0o attendees liberals are coal Liberals Are Cool @LiberalsAreCool Follow The media bias against Bernie is legit He was in front of 21000 people in Sacramento! Hillary NEVER had 21K iberalsarecool its-salah 21000 people came to see Bernie at his rally in Sacramento Something neither the liberal or conservative media care about The media bias against Ber liberalsarecoolcom RETWEETS LIKES 9 Joel Franco @Official JoelF Follow 21000+ people packed a stadium in Sacramento CA to hear Bernie Sanders speak RETWEETS LIKES 27 37 Khaled Beydoun @KhaledBeydoun Follow 15000-20000 packed in Sacramento CA stadium for #Bernie media coverage #WV Primary RETWEETS LIKES mnthonyaaiden 4mysquad That’s 20950 more people than Hillary Clinton rallies! 0 media coverage I was there like 10000 people couldn’t even get in How can people say that he doesn’t have a chance? Clinton was touted by the media as the inevitable democratic nominee even when she and Sanders had the same number of won states and delegates I found this to be ridiculous and believe this type pro-Hillary reporting was because the corporations who own the media Comcast etc support Hillary When the masses repeatedly hear from the major media that Sanders chances of winning are over they start believing it and get discouraged feelthebern I was there and it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life To hear from a man that actually cares about what is needed to fix our COUNTLESS issues and what we can do as citizens to take control and be more involved in making america great…rather than “great again” because that as a few of us know is some straight up bullshit Meme

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