trickthekick I'm just going to watch Shrek in head my As a little kid I was SOOO000 damn obsessed with Shrek I mean the kind of obsessed where i'd watch it over and over again days in a row It was all ever wanted to watch It got to the point where I had memorised it word-for-word and beat-for-beat This meant that somehow I could watch it in my head timed perfectly No fast forwarding no skipping Now this was fine for car trips and such because my dad would be like Hey do you want some colouring-in to do? And id be like Nah I'm going to watch Shrek in my head Ocassionally my dad would ask where l was up to in the movie-just to check on me Youre probably thinking Huh that's weird but cool I guess? Wrong Sort of It got so bad that l'd watch it in my head at night before I went to sleep My dad would literally check on me at night notice I was blankly staring up at the ceiling and have to yell Stop watching Shrek and go to sleep! cant remember how this faded from being one of my abilities but it sure was celubile it 1actoc me_irl Meme

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