tried to be as civil as I can but I just 8 Chats 3 Deleted Account last seen a long time ago I'm going to be really Okay straight forward with you Like I've said before I'm not trying to talk to you to change your mind The reason I need to talk to you is because you've really put me through a lot Lots of your actions have been really confusing and at some points hurtful I want to be friends with you I really do but that can be hard when it seems like you don't always want to be I want to talk to you to fix those things and so you can understand how you've made me feel The fact that you feel the need to be protected from me is awful I don't know how else to put it but it makes me feel like total crap I've tried so hard to be respectful of what you want and have always done as you've asked I've only asked one thing of you to have that conversation and it hurts to have that responded to so negatively I just want to talk to you because l every time I feel likeltry to be nice to vou it just makes things worse I'm not going to lie to you don't know what else to do I'm not mad at you I'm more mad at myself Lately I've been really confused on who I want to be as a person and it's been tough I'm sorry has put me in a really terrible mood and I don't want to take that out on you So if I said anything that was mean I am so sorry All I've wanted is to be you're friend not you're boyfriend you're friend I don't know what else you want me to do I've tried my hardest to be respectful of what you've wanted and I just really need you to be respectful to me this once I like you I really freaking do but the fact that things have gotten like this really Hey sorry to bother you about this but please just let me know when we can figure out a time to talk I really don't like having to ask and I'm sorry if I do it a lot I would just feel way better if I could just say what's been on my mind these past few months Im not going to continue to try to speak in private but this one conversation is really important to me So as I've said before but this the sooner the better I know it's been weird lately but I just hope we can resolve all of that I think you're a really great person and I'm really glad that I can call you a friend 917 PM bother me and I'm not sure what I ListenI'm sorry if I sound mean or anything during this text because I'm not trying to be I just feel like I need to be straightforward to get my message could have done to have prevented it So the main thing I want to say is sorry full name I am so sorry Everytime I try to fix things it makes it worse and that's been really hard on me and I'm sorry I'll let you have a So across because I'm not sure what else to do these past few friend but I really think that's going to prevent me from being as honest as I want to be So once again I apologize I just want to make things right When I said I didn't want to speak with you in private anymore I meant at all months have been absolutely dreadful I need to talk to you because I'm tired of feeling like youre scared of me I'll talk to you with a friend but I'm not going to lie that just makes me feel really awful and extremely angry I've tried to handle things as maturely as I can by simply talking things out Did you know I've been trying to have this one conversation for nearly two months? You have any idea how terrible it feels when you're trying to patch things up and constantly get denied the opportunity to do that? I'm sorry if I'm being mean but I've kept this stuff buried for so long and I've hated having to let it boil up I've just been trying to be your friend and it feels so awful having that be rejected I need to talk to you because I don't not one more time It makes me 1032 PM uncomfortable and frankly so does worrying about it I'm honestly just not entirely sure what you would want to say to me that you haven't already said and my responses would end up being the same as well because nothing has changed since the first time we spoke If you REALLY feel like you need to speak to me I would be much more comfortable with one of my trusted friends around rather than being completely alone I know you said that it's important to you so I am giving you that option But it's important to methat that wish be respected and those conditions be met if it happens at all I'm sorry it's taken me so long to say all this but it's been exhausting But I would appreciate it if you could pay attention and know that I mean what I know what else to do It's been so exhausting for me and I just can't take it anymore If I haven't made it clear I REALLY need to speak with you I've say Thanks N Dude asked me out to no avail over 10 times in 2-3 months kept showing up at my classes isolating me from my friends even tried to kiss me without my permission then goes on this long confusing and slightly scary rant when I don’t want to talk to him again lol Meme

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