-Tries to liberate the working -Entire ideology based on class by putting power in the returning to a society that hands of unelected officials never existed -Incel-tier biological determinism directed at women and anyone -Tries to plan market creating mass shortages and starvation else they don't like -Creator of ideology -Fetishizes social never worked a day hierarches they in his life would be at the -RECOGNIZESTHE ottom of -UNDERSTANDS -Claims to oppose IMPORTANCE OF -Claims the strong PATRIOTISM FOR THE THE ROLE OF THE imperialism while worshipping dictators always prevail but have literally lost SAKE OF SOCIAL STATE TO COHESION PROTECT AND who killed millions ENFORCE THE every war they've invading other countries for politica gain S OF ever fought Economic- WORKERS Left Right -ACKNOWLEDGES THE -Attempts to capitalize -Thinks all cultures EFFICIENCY OF THE -OPPOSES BIGOTRY AS on opioid epidemic and people can mix freely without any FREE MARKET AND THE IT INTERFERES WITH ABUNDANCE IT PEOPLE'S RIGHT TO DO -Destroys planet for the sake of producing unneeded goods PROVIDES AS THEY PLEASE consequences -Literally a tankie who did DMT once Prides himself as a free- -Puts workers in life- thinker while literally just threatening conditions for the sake of marginal repeating dogma his sociology professor shovelled him fit gains -Attempts to spread views by committing violence against dissenters -Doesn't want big government to tread on him but bends over for corporations do it The Virgin Extremist vs The Chad Centrist Meme

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