tripropellant i'm 100% not joking when i say that my gut reaction to this image is this is a being of incredible power i know that totally sounds like a joke i would make but i'm legitimately scared and impressed by and in awe at this thing tripropellant i have just been informed that this creature's name is ZHDUN which sounds like the name of an ancient and long-forgotten deity and sounds exactly like what this thing's name would be mostdecoratedarsoninvestigator Zhdun loosely translates to to wait He waits tripropellant it's supposed to be a cute sculpture based on the idea of someone waiting for news at a hospital but i much prefer to think of it as a manifestation of the unfathomably powerful will of some kind of slumbering chthonic entity tripropellant a lot of people seem to be reblogging this post with zero commentary other than tagging it as #zhdun i just want to inform everyone that every time you repeat his name like that you bring us one step closer to the moment when he gets out of that chair and begins to systematically inhale the entire physical universe vrabia the world could really do with an ancient benevolent god of hospital hallways whenever it appears there's always an empty seat next to it and you can sit there for as long as you need it's there for you when you're sick and in pain and waiting for a verdict when you're overwhelmed with anxiety or when you've been waiting for seven hours for news of how a loved one's life-saving surgery went a kindly quiet grey blob who waits with you in that suspended state of uncertainty it's very old and very powerful and knows that hospitals are places of healing and hope only when studied superficially at the core they are places of fear a million terrors great and small seeping into the walls so zhdun waits with you #stories #ngl i made myself sad a bit mostly bc i could really use zhdun waiting with me sometimes #look at it it's so sweet and benevolent and not at all intimidating #it wouldn't judge you if you sat next to it and you cried An old god for the modern world Meme

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