Trish Una is King Crimson Diavolo Trish obviously Spice Girl Doppio Doppio The Final Shared body Diavolo --> <--- King Crimson Bucciarati Trish Chart Sticky Fingers Narancia Aerosmith Giorno Gold Experience Mista My daughter and Sex Pistols Our souls have a similar & theoretically ALL scent Bucciarati Aerosmith Narancia These are the same person -Bruno Spice Girl Trish is me! She's me! The wound on her arm is my own! A Stand can also represent the manifestation of an individual's innate fighting spirit and embodies to an extent the individual's psyche Swapped Bodies A Stand is a representation of its user Gold Experience Sticky Fingers Sex Pistols Giorno Theoretically since Stands such as Abbacchio's Moody Mista Blues and Oingo's Khnum can both turn into Trish Una and any other human we are left with the conclusion that Trish is all Meme

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