troera Roll Last Thursday at 856 PM Just as a disclaimer I will be changing my name ever so often whenever i choose to and said names will consist of the following Zar Daimon Vanheim Falss Pryde or Zenith For how I am as an individual I will make it as simple as I can for easy consumption Im not a person who bases anything on ethicswhile I can see understand and use them it is not what I will ever use for argumentative purposes reason being as I lack emphathyI do not see a point in using something that I dont base my own decisions off of unless needed for making things understood within the head of someone who needs a pathos type of argument for anything to clicknwithin their heads For how I am as a person I cant personally call myself good or bad or at least what would be considered good or bad by most I do things that could be for either side on a daily basis so you would have to see for yourself if I am a good or bad person in your own mind Traits of myself would include talkative if the conversation is intriguing though for the most part im a loner and I dont talk to people and would rather be by myself I enjoy discussing lots of subjects especially things like world views politics and other things that would become known if you were to talk to me I can be insightful thoughtful or wise though I understand that I know very little only enough to construct my own world view that might change as I progress further into life which is why I would enjoy learning about anything that comes if it does interest me that is This man is the next Einstein Meme

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