TRUMP ACCOMPLISHMENTS 41 % GPD Growth Unemployment Rate Lowest Since April 2000 Record Low Unemployment for African-Americans & Hispanics Dow Jones Industrial Average Hit 80 Record Highs Historic Tax Cuts Gorsuch to Supreme Court Repealed Obamacare's Individual Mandate Summit with Kim Jong Un Iran Nuclear Deal Ended US Embassy Moved to Jerusalem TRUMP ACCOMPLISHMENTS Record $700 Billion for Military Spending Territory Controlled by SIS Declined by 60% NATO Agrees to 296 Spending Target Withdrawal from Paris Climate Accord Pulled out of TPRP Renegotiating NAFTA Trade Deal with EU lllegal Immigration Rate Lowest in 17 Years Rescinded DACA Signed VA Accountability & Whistleblower Protection Act President Trump's Top 20 Accomplishments From Lou Dobbs Facts matter Meme

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