Trump Signs Orders That Would Allow Police Officers to Enforce ImmigrationLaws President Donald Trump had a busy first week in office issuing a flurry of executive actions and orders to kick start his agenda some of which flewunder the radar of both the media and perpetually outraged liberals While most of the attention last Wednesday was focused on Trump's orders authorizing construction of the border wall and efforts to crack down on sanctuary cities ABC News reported that Trump also ordered the revival of an old program that had nearly been mothballed by the Obama administration The program permits the Departmentof Homeland Security to essentially deputize local law enforcement agents and officers to aid in enforcing federal immigration laws such as by checking an individuals immigration status through the course of routine contact and certainly if theyve been arrested or jailed in connectionwith any sort of crime Read more conservativetribunecom COMMON SENSE KICKS IN PresidentTrump allows Police to enforce Immigration laws once again Meme

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