TRUMP'S ACCOMPLISHMENTS Unemployment Reinvestment $100M to Flint Legislation Passed & Signed 32 Bis through Congress 44% lowest since May 2007 Water contamination crisis started in April of 2014 Supreme Court Diplomacy Softbank $508 Strengthening relationships Exon $208 Hyundal $31B Constitutionalist Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch China Japan Russia UK Apple Chrylser $1B GM Bayer AG $1B Toyota $600M LG $1B Killed the TPP After 8 years of inaction $1B Tough on North Korea Tough on Syria Freed Humanitarian Workers from Egypt $250M Border Security Budget Surplus $1828 in April 2017 40% less illegals crossing the border & deportation of violent & repeat offenders Government Agencies Trimming the fat at many overblown gov agencles and promoting small business growth by reigning in the EPA Stock Market did it in il DOW @ 20896 Energy Consumer Confidence Finilshed Dakota Access Pipeline & reversed Obamas Land Grab EO freeing US to use our own natural resources Currently at 1256 Donald Trump - but facts are facts Meme

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