try again honestly I was wanting to try again at a relationship if you were interested nah man I'm attracted to women Like just women and it really wouldn't be fair to you to try anything since l know that attraction just isn't going to happen Nov 24 540 PM I'm a lesbian I know you are Okay But you said you had an interest in me and you've said that for years beforehand and the time we were together wasn't a good time I understand Thx Why am I not a friend to you But in that case why do you jeep your distance Am l just some ex in your eyes Keep** Even yjiygj you've known me 9 years You're all over Moctar but when you pass me you pretend I don't exist Though** Okay I guess no reply I reserve the right to choose my friends and how I treat them at my own discretion Mortar is a friend of mine I'm affectionate with my friends Wow Meme

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