t's too cold outside for angels to fly what me stronger at allidonit get waves of miS like tsunami tides in my eyes my mind is a s re the color of red like a sunset Ed Sheeran hen you wake me up iii hold ali away and iil throw it a and if the city ne arm kiss lips alio darling how i miss you strawberries told to put my job in front of you b you do whenever it was painful when est 1991 wonder if t ou and all my friends have gone to f their hearts colide just promise me cause you are the only one oh i searching for a sweet surrende darling come on set the tone you let me know donrt with m i dontt wanna know that bab go nina cause i aint ever inside the pocket of your ri until our eyes meet fading chemicals burn in my bloods thing i see i want you to i love him from my skin to m in his home i donit Love you dont want you no anymore s loving arms kiss me under the were all good yesterday and and if you fell to your deat come on and take it back Love when salted tears roli dry your eyes itts alright to die you haventt tried if this is together watch the flames cli itis too cold outside for ang me stronger at allidonrt get like tsunami tides in my eyes my eves are the color of red 1i sunburntsheerantumblrcom our or er me art LV or ange Meme

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