TSE QUACK DOCTOR Te doctor ww seated at a table corered with pers phisis and pill boxes He was a middle-sized man with sandy hair grey and a somewhat reirouse nose while is rsther wide mouth wss set off by a range of wkite and evea teeth-and his whole countenance was readered far from unpleasing by a wak andthe amoured smile which played on his li variance with the professional gasvity which be tried to asume eseile was ss little like that of an Ital an well be imagined a for Stubbs to be sated Certainl an 88 and so Mr Thady thought or Cartini rose and invited Mr I'm an Irishman position bebiad his master's chair and listened atten- oed he mu in the arm-cheer tered balf aloud-'Assure asim too He then took up his tively to the consisted of various oracular sentences pronoun in a husky voice by the pbysician oon versation that ensued It id ppe anni in reply to the complaints of his patient who end by saying Now doctor please to look at m tongue attentively in a good light and I'in muc mistaken if you doa't discover indications of eerious stomacbic disesse to feel In order to comply to the letter with this re- the dark holland quest Signor Cartini w wards the window and raised blind which had hitherto obscured the light Cartini walked with Mr Stubbs to- dusky sunbeam entered and illumined at the same moment the face of the professo forward shouted- shouted- of Thady for the latter jumped for ward Jack Carty! Man alive is it you tliat's w is every bit of you Malone! ho Thady My cat always wants my full attention even when I'm working This is him trying to make himself known Meme

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