TSM LOG IN Random Fights To Start With Your Boyfriend When You Feel Like Testing The Strength Of Your Relationship by Veronica Ruckh Jun 19 2017 1 COMMENTS & 41 cryptiboy lizardtitties mortiferamorphasmus polyxxena Yeah… this is abuse The stranger with the styrofoam cup is correct I found the article it’s as bad as you think it is “Being a psycho girlfriend is a unique kind of power that says A you have absolute control over your happiness even the happiness that comes from another person and B you’re pretty When your boyfriend lets you get away with some next level crazy girl shit he’s essentially saying that you’re pretty and he loves you And sometimes you need to hear those things by any means necessary So if you’re in a pinch you should have some go-to fights to start just for fun!” httpstotalsororitymovecomrandom-fights-to-start-with-your-boyfriend-when-you-feel-like-testing-the-strength-of-your-relationship hey everyone! if you so does literally any of these things especially for the reasons listed in this ass backwards article they are abusing you do not stay with abusers Meme

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