TSUYOSHI MAEKAWA Tsuyoshi Maekawa b 1936 was a member of the Gutai Art Association Japan's most significant avant-garde collective of the postwar era founded in 1954 Literally meaning 'concrete the word Gutai was intended to express the idea that art constitutes the embodied material manifestation of human spiritual freedom Maekawa was included in the 8th Gutai Exhibition at the Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art in 1959 and became a protégé of the group's founder Jiro Yoshihara who urged his pupils to make something that never existed before From his first solo exhibition at the Gutai Pinacotheca in osaka in 1963 until the group's eventual dissolution following Yoshihara's death in 1972 Maekawa was represented in every Gutai event This exhibition brings together a selection of paintings from the 1950s and 1960s a time in which the artist was profoundly occupied with the three-dimensionality of painting He began experimenting with burlap as a support for his paintings in 1954 by stretching found rice bags or worn-out sacks over canvases and applying oil paint to the surface using its natural roughness to draw attention to the composition's materiality In these works the relief-like surfaces gracefully meandering lines repeat organically reminiscent of the rhythm of the natural world geological structures of the earth and biological phenomena Aware that the material had previously been used by artists such as Joan Miro Paul Klee and Alberto Burri Maekawa was pushed to further test the limits of burlap by the experimental and highly original community of Gutai He began sewing the fabric ripping and tearing the fibrous threads apart and using glue to manipulate the surface in search of new pictorial spaces This personal and powerful pursuit remains at the heart of his practice SALON 001 ぜ @saatchi_gallery @VAMNit Downstairs there's a gorgeous exhibition by Tsuyoshi Maekawa these pics don't do the textures anywhere close to justice httpstcoQoADKCJo9P Meme

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