ttention fellow gamers Pewdiepie is currently 5700 subscribers ahead of T series We have been surpassed on February 22nd March 9th 11th 13th 18th 19th 20th 21st and today This is because unlike us T series has been strategically taking over pewdiepie with Plan U Plan U was created to take over pewdiepie It involves a mass unsubscribe from T series then after youtube cleans inactive subscribers these people re sub all at once usually closing the gap and surpassing pewds Ihis will continue for as long as it takes to pass pewdiepie permanently I propose Plan P We all need to create at least 1 alt account and get ready for the gap to close If you are reading this DO NOT SUBSCRIBE TO PEWDIEPIE YET We need to stop subscribing and unsubscribe on any alt accounts that you have but not your main one The sub rate will continue just enough so that we could stay ahead of t series by a few thousand Then on March 26th at 12 noon EST everyone re subscribe to pewdiepie This will be Youtube's D day We can safely secure a heavy lead of 40 thousand or more subscribers and get pewdiepie to 100 million subs before T series 10 Most Intelligent People of All Time 24M views 24K 24K Share Download Save Read now! Its the last stand! Meme

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