Tucker Carlson @TuckerCarlson Gypsies are settled in a small Pennsylvania town and locals complain of them going to toilet in the street and beheading chickens GYPSIES COMING TO AMERICA 220 71717 902 PM yeinesomemdarre tikkunolamorgtfo jewish-privilege brainstatic “Don’t call Trump supporters nazis it hurts their feelings” Yes this is real link to tweet Yes Tucker Carlson is literally repeating Nazi propaganda that aided the genocide of the Romani during the Holocaust Yes I am furious Also although there is a large population of Romani in Romania they aren’t indigenous to Romania They’re a diasporic group originally from northern India Romani and Jewish have been screaming at the top of their lungs for years about neo-fascism in Europe and Americans were totally aloof Then neo-fascism reared its head in America but Roma and Jews were left out of the conversation in terms of people being impacted because our oppression was “over” Now Tucker Carlson is on live TV using slurs and Nazi propaganda about Romani people and I’m 90% most people on the left are just going to ignore it It’s fucking starting y'all It’s happening again If you’re not Jewish or Roma PLEASE BOOST THIS Meme

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