Tumblr Tumblr Social Networking ew 5274 OPEN Details Ratings and Reviews Related PN orts ЕЕ Sna Life FRE 12 I HATE TUMBLR!!!! Xby MaddieJo369 - Dec 21 2012 I tried to sign up but they said I had to be 13 or over! I'm so sick of this crap! Kik has a 17 or over age limit and they deleted my app now tumblr won't let me sign up And I HATE their snide comment in the terms that said if your not 13 ask your parents for an Xbox or try books DO THEY THINK THAT JUST BECAUSE WE'RE NOT 13 THAT WERE TOO YOUNG? THEY ARE SUCH IDIOTS! App Store BES 20 holyfuckface purple-eagle6 maths-is-sexy damnthosewinchesterboys found the twelve year old this is almost as fun as ‘find the vegan’ we are not entertainment clowns we simply eat healthy go back to burger king i found the vegan Meme

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