fandom: 2019’s Top Tumblr Communities Whether you’re into studying, building a perfect tank for your betta, casting spells, or tuning cars, there’s a community on Tumblr for you. This year, we’ve expanded this list to a whopping 50 communities that connect you to what you love and make Tumblr what it is. Artists on Tumblr Studyblr +1 Photographers on Tumblr −1 Mineblr Writers on Tumblr Witchblr +1 Poets on Tumblr −3 Fitblr −2 Simblr −1 Curators on Tumblr Booklr −2 Langblr −2 Cats of Tumblr +3 Birblr −3 Throwbackblr Reptiblr −4 Jumblr Studentblr Petblr Dogblr −6 Greek Tumblr −1 Medblr −3 Plantblr +1 Kustomblr −2 Fishblr −7 Classicfilmblr Frogblr Gradblr −2 Dice Nerds on Tumblr −2 Ratblr Furblr Travelblr Lawblr −12 Bunblr Amphiblr Litblr Bettablr −14 Sciblr −13 Wiccablr Bugblr Stimblr Runblr −13 Bi Tumblr Mathblr Pregblr −32 Knitblr Toonblr Vetblr Palaeoblr SnootblrThe number in italics indicates how many spots a community moved up or down from the previous year. Bolded communities weren’t on the list last year.