Turn your handwriting into a font traumbelrum ringo-obsession I discovered this by accident and I thought it was really funny and cute 1 Download the template from MyScriptFont website MyScriptFontcom Create a font from your handwriting Do not write aver the innr auary Li Optional letters Only fill out the ones you need 2 Write out the alphabet and numbers in your style using a black marker felt pen This is mine MyScriptFontcom Create a font from your handwriting Use a medium-thick black felt pen Do not write over the lener auxibiary tines Scan as grayscale with 300dpl A B C D E F G H I J K L M N OP Q R S T U V W X Y Z d b c d k 1 m n p g r s u V W X y z 1 2 3 H5 6 8 23 3 Scan the template 4 Upload to the MyScriptFont website name it set the format and click send file 5 Download it to your computer and install And check out my result! How to Make Your Handwriting a Font Meme

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