turntechgarlicbread sociologyandlifting When are we going to stop pretending girls don't have hair on their boobs between their boobs around their nips on their ass on their upper lip between their brows on their cheeks etc? On their belly on their toes on their back literally everywhere men grow hair humans grow hair everywhere except on the palms of their hands and soles of their feet this hair can rank from light blond and soft todark and wiry regardless of sex or gender of the person shaving all of it is a mess and plucking it hurts like hell humans are just animals with less thick fur you wouldn't shame a female animal for having as much fur as a male one so stop doing that with humans THISTHISTHISTHISTHIS Contrary to what you may see in the media-ads women and everyone have bOdY hAiR! And not just their eyebrows!! And not just cute peach fuzz! People with darker hair and darker skin also tend to have dArKeR bOdY hAiR!!! Some people have thicker hair than others! Women are not hairless little children! If you are dating women who have hit puberty then guess what? They will have hair on their bodies! 😱😱😱😱 Long dark thick curly patchy full human hair the average adult human has around five MILLION hair follicles !! Follicles are tiny organs on our skin's surface that produce hair Body hair helps regulate temperature and capture sweat and other bacteria Having body hair does not make you ugly gross undateable unattractive etc it means you are a Human Being congrats ❤️💥🏆🏅🎖 Meme

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