Tweet 3h My point being that remasters are rip offs simple as that 2 3h Why? They're offering people the chance to play games that aren't available on modern consoles with modern graphics Of course they're gonna CHARGE MONEY for a copy of a game even if that game isn't a new one 2 3h By your logic the Mega Man Legacy Collection is a ripoff because l could buy an NES and play Mega Man 1-6 on the old hardware 1 l'm not paying out the ass for a retro console that works and specific sometimes rare games 2 l'd rather play them on my PC Tweet your reply Tweet Depends Where you're from a NES will cost me £10 the games at £3 still cheaper than a remaster Just putting my view out there that remasters are rip offs Replying and others Where the fuck are you getting a fully functional NES and a copy of Mega Man 2 for £10?! The average price for a working NES is anywhere between £20-100 depending on how well it works 520 pm 21 Nov 18 View Tweet activity Tweet your reply Tweet View Tweet activity 8m eplying to and 4 others Also I got both Legacy For £20 10 games over 4 consoles Let's say that it's £10 per console even though that's an insanely good price for any working console and £3 per game you bought it from people who have no idea how much MM8 is worth 12 3m 10x4+3x10 70 You'd literally be buying 3 and a half Legacy Collections to avoid getting scammed even when lowballing the games' prices as much as you are Tweet your reply Remasters and Collections are Scams! It's Cheaper to Get the Originals! I'm Purple Meme

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