Tweet Bria Celest @55mmbae Will bout to get all the stars all the tips This nigga got WIFI!! HE DESERVES Welcome! Your driver's name is Will Please help yourself to water gum mints and other service items and hand me the USB side so I may plug it in for you I'm happy to get them into a bin Thank Youl If you need to charge your phone grab the cord from the cooler Please pass up trash empty water bottles and your other recyclables __ Complimentary WIFI Available SSID BC 4G WIFI Password qwerty 123 AUX cable and PANDORA You can link a Pandora acct to the Uber app and DJ from your phone while on a trip AC vents are above your head next to the windows Please let me know it can adjust the thermostat or do anything elsc to make your ride more comfortable! SEAL WET CITRUS SOENT THERMOS My uber drivers don't even say hi back sometimes httpstcoclNA8nuEsB Meme

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