Tweet Chris Rhodes @Chrisrhodespoke 1cd my GF just been in he same gym this morning as your lot she's just picked me up saying footballers get paid to do nothing @FulhamFC 36 493 v315 Sone Aluko @sonealuko Replying to @Chrisrhodespoke Uh oh you might want to ask your girlfriend about her true whereabouts this morning Wasn't in a gym with me Team day off e #trustissues 16082017 1029 2668 Retweets 5268 Likes Tweet Chris Rhodes @Chrisrhodespoke 1d Replying to @sonealuko Were you not in the @HiltonLeedsCity gym this morning at 9am?? Hmmmm 24 γƒ­389 227 Sone Aluko @sonealuko1d I actually want to say I was there at this point but we left Leeds last nightDidn't even stay in that hotel Frosty convo with babes 2night 80 1546 3553 The Magic Mod @TaylorMod 1d Update on relationship status after the Chat t1 Davie Boy @R_K_SD1d Replying to @sonealuko and @Chrisrhodespoke yer burds been getting rattled all over the place mate 85 Awkward moment when FulhamFC weren't at the gym this morning πŸ€”πŸ˜³πŸ˜‚ httpstconpwp71tl6a Meme

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