Tweet trash staples @3230PoppyStreet 1h This is actually hilarious to think about I actually think the lions could pull it off 1 trillion lions the sun 6 8 Trash Lanez V @TrashLanez 1h How? trash staples @3230PoppyStreet 1h Theres a trillion of them Trash Lanez @TrashLanez 1h Yeah but what's their main attack? Trash Quavo @TrashQuavo 1h How long does a lion live? It could just wait and out live the sun 2 Trash Lanez V @TrashLanez 1h A lion cannot outlive the sun Trash Quavo @TrashQuavo 1h A trillion might if you arranged them properly 2 Trash Lanez V @TrashLanez 1h No chance a lion at full stretch couldn't cover more than say 10ftsq? The sun is bigger than 10ftsq trash staples @3230PoppyStreet 1h How much piss could a trillion lions produce ? I think thats the way to do this 007 2 Trash Lanez O @TrashLanez 1h The main problem is that lion by their very nature are wild and aggressive They'll just run into the sun and burn up trash staples @3230PoppyStreet 1h Cant run in space mate わ! Trash Lanez @TrashLanez 1h How would they get there? ﹀ 13 trash staples @3230PoppyStreet 1h A big lion rocket obviously Trash Lanez O@TrashLanez 1h Who makes it? Trash Quavo @TrashQuavo Replying to @TrashLanez and @3230PoppyStreet MufNASA Translate from Polish 03062017 1707 5 LIKES armaniblanco Yo this shit is hilarious Meme

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