Tweet Tweet Sep 5 Water wasn't invented until 1967 Replying to BACK TO SCHOOL 1966 na z others 2016 Wait do you think peanut allergies aren't real? CKE 1 6 CELL P 9h NATE i'm saying that they didn't seem to exist in boomer days which is why this original ti947 67K 348 comment was made 1000s of kids went Sep 5 Why do boomers think allergies are new thru eating PB & J & not a single allergic reaction? Now 50% of the class is allegedly peanut phobic? Hard to believe 12 t1 9 440 t 1 nd Replying to 7h 50%? Seems a little hyperbolic here Regardless the cartoon is implying an epi- pen is a millenial luxury as if kids should just die instead Imao because every single kid in our schools had peanut butter sandwiches for lunch at some point & not a single one of us allergy attack an 6 In my days we had no allergies You millennials invented allergies! Meme

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