God, Reddit, and Sorry: Typical everyday average
 British morning:
 >wake up
 >bobby knocks on door
 >"oi! open up you cheeky
 bastard and show me your
 47 KB JPG
 sleeping licence!"
 >fumble around and finally find my licence
 >"s-sorry good sir. It's right here... God
 save the Queen."
 >bobby peers in and catches a glimpse of
 me telly
 >"halt! where's your TV licence you cunt?!"
 >"draw TV licence from me wallet"
 >bobby gives a look like the bloody
 Queen's dodger
 >"oi mate! where's your permit for this
 >show him my licence permit
 >"this licence permit is expired. I'm taking
 you in!"
 >bobby draws his toy gun
 stab him with my unregistered butterknife
Anon posts on reddit

Anon posts on reddit